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Mobility Opportunities Via Education


Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE)


MOVE is a philosophy... a way of life; and proven practice that individuals with multiple disabilities can learn to:

· SIT to eat participate in activities, education, and even employment;


· STAND such as washing at a sink, food prep, and upright toileting;


· WALK to move to participate in play or complete tasks (with and without support);


· TRANSITION from bed to chair, sitting to standing, etc.


Our philosophy at Currumbin is to ensure equitable access for all student’s engagement in their learning and social interactions with their peers.
The MOVE program originated in the USA and was developed by Linda Bidabe for therapists and teachers, and other staff to work together every day.



MOVE is an activity based curriculum designed to teach students basic, functional motor skills needed for adult life in home and community environments.


This is achieved through instruction and adaptive equipment. With these increased abilities, there is:


· better health


· less burden for care providers to move or lift people


· increased dignity


· new opportunities for fuller participation and inclusion in family life, school and community.

Student at Currumbin Community Special School with physical impairments engage fully in the Australian Curriculum with their peers at their level of instruction. This is determined through their Individual Curriculum Plan or Senior Education Transition Plan and in consultation with the teacher, families, occupational and physio therapists.

We are always appreciative of our community partnerships for their contribution in the donations in order to purchase equipment.

This equipment, such as standing frames, PACERs, corner seats and adaptive devices enables us to maintain focus on providing the best access for our students.