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Student’s ability to communicate enables learning across the curriculum the school day and in life outside of school. 

At Currumbin Community Special School Communication underpins all learning through every aspect of the school day and in all curriculum areas.

Learning content for Currumbin Coolangatta Community Special School

The Literacy continuum incorporates two overarching processes:

· Comprehending texts through listening, reading and viewing

· Composing texts through speaking, writing and creating

These elements represent the processes of receptive and expressive language which can then be applied across the whole curriculum.

Students have opportunities to develop these capabilities over time and across all learning areas.  The development of communicative skills through age appropriate methodologies in the early years supports all subsequent learning. 

The learning continua typically but not exclusively align with years of schooling.  For literacy, Level one is divided into five sublevels: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d and 1e. 

Levels 1a to 1d represent the development of early literacy skills strongly emphasising communicative development.

· 1A Attending to, responding to or showing interest in familiar people, texts, events and activities

· 1B Comprehending texts through use of informal behaviours that show consistent anticipation of events in regular routines

· 1C use conventional behaviours and or concrete symbols to communicate across an increasing range of environments

· 1D use of conventional behaviours and or abstract symbols in a variety of contexts with different people.

· 1E Begins to focus on the application of literacy skills

The focus of learning for students operating within Levels 1A – 1D is to extend the range of communication functions and interactions that the student can consistently express with increased independence across the school day and beyond. 

At Currumbin Community Special School a focus on literacy is considered essential for all students.  Through the development of literacy skills, communication skills are strengthened.

The majority of the school day is focused on developing students’ literacy skills, communication underpins this.  Communication can take the form of verbal, written, or nonverbal messages and can include standard and non-standard gestures or pictures, symbols, or written words.

At Currumbin Community Special School we engage the students in the Australian Curriculum corresponding to the points they are accessing on the Learning Continuum.